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Leaf Clean Up

     We charge an hourly rate per man on how long it takes us to do the job.

1 man usually averages around 8-12 bags per hour with blowing included.
Our hourly rate is $38 +tax per man hour.

2x men = $76.00
3x men = $114.00
4x men = $152.00

Sending more men out does not mean it will be more expensive just means the leaves will be cleaned up faster.
It is prorated, so for example if it only takes them 30 minutes for the leaf clean up.

That is all you would be charged for.

We also charge $00.50 per 50 gallon drum bag used. 
We use the best of best commercial back pack blowers,

that blow 240+ mph.

We blow the leaves in a pile. 

Then we have a system to bag them.

Then we put them on the curb for the trash.
We will get them done in a timely manner.

We hope you will use us to your leaf clean up.

We realize there are cheaper competitors out there always. 

With us you know your going to get a perfect job. With a competive price because we have experienced professionals working for us, that know what they are doing.

You also know we are using the best of best equipment so the job will be done the best it can be and in a timely manner.

Best of all we stand behind our work and will bend over backwards to make sure your happy!
We want you to be happy!

So you will continue to use us...

Thank you,