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Hurst Texas Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance Services

lawn care service
lawn care service
lawn care service
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lawn care services hurst tx
lawn care service hurst tx

Regular lawn cutting is a chore. Let us come mow your lawn for you. We do week and every other week schedules.

7 applications per year. Includes all your pre emergents, weed control and fertilizers. Commercial Grade Products, that require
a license to buy and use.

Need a leaf clean up? bushes trimmed? flower beds cleaned? New mulch? Flowers installed?
Let us do the hard work!

Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Services

Our experts are here to help you with all your Hurst Texas lawn care and landscape maintanence needs. We can handle all your lawn care services, from a simple lawn cut, to making your lawn look gorgeous. With our fertilization, pre-emergent, weed control plan. We apply all commercial grade products at the correct times. Its 7 applications per year.

Also we can take care of all your landscape maintenance needs also from new mulch, to bushes being trimmed, flower beds being cleaned, leaves being picked up and much more. 

HLS Lawn Care Services is a professional lawn care & Landscape Maintenance company serving the cities of Hurst, Tx. We are the lawn care service to call when you have any outdoor yard mantenance that needs tidying up. Any job big or small, our reliable team will do a professional job in a timely manner. We 100% guarantee you will be happy.

Having an outdoor area that looks gorgeous is important to us. It reflects upon us and the work we do, and it adds style and beauty to your home or building. We have a wide range of yard maintenance services that will improve the look of any yard or lawn. 

Enjoy a hassle free stress free lawn company with online payments all you have to do is sit back and let us do the hard part. 

How It Works

Lawn Cuts and Landscape Maintenance Services

From April - September, our busy season, we require new customers to get on a weekly or every other week lawn mowing schedule first. Then from there we do all the extras services. We are a full lawn and landscaping maintenance company providing professional hassle free services. We do not do anyone time services, during the growing season (busy season, Aprl - Sept).

Our crews use the best commercial equipment. Allowing us to be able to do all your lawn and landscaping services more efficiently and in a timely manner. The blades on the mowers are sharpened each and everyday. Your lawn cut will look perfect each cut. The edging is done with a metal blade edger, not a weed eater. This will leave your lawn edge looking perfect.

Weed Control - Fertilizer Services
We offer a 7 applications per year, fertilization, pre-emergent, weed control plan. All of the fertilizers, pre-emergents and weed control will be applied at the correct times. This will allow your lawn to look its best all year long. We use commercial grade prducts, that require a license to buy and use.


Our billing is very easy. We require a credit/ debit card on file. We email you a copy of your invoice the day after service and the next day after that, 2 days after service we will charge your card. The programing we use allows us to do a lot of things the other companies can not do. Such as we can email or text you the night before we come always. The service we offer is top notch.

You have never experienced a lawn and landscape maintenance service like ours and how on top of everything we are. 

Hassle free and professional work is guaranteed.

​Give us a try you wont regret it!